Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wed. evening

early evening.
Katie's out, but was here earlier.
The dishes are washed,movie posters have been tacked to the wall,furniture has been arranged and more.
She's an awesome kid.
Me...I'm sleepy.Likely because I revved hard all day via excess caffeine and am now crashing.
But I must panfry some tenderloin strips and cook some green beans and mashed potatoes.Gotta feed the beast-lol.
I also need to start a fire in the woodstove-way chilly in here.
We have a television but I rarely watch tv.The only show I watch is Prison Break.I do occassionally watch dvd's/videos but not tonight.
Tonight I just wanna eat, shower and then crash with a book and some sweet music in the bedside boombox.
I'd love to have someone with me to fall asleep with. but I don't see that happening this evening-lol.
At the moment the only things on are a few lights and this pc.
Este was here earlier and when I walked in he did his madd cute yawn and stretch while perched on the top of the couch.
But I've since let him out.
IDK-I haven't much to say at the moment.
I simply need to tend to basic immediate needs this evening.
Nothing more,nothing less.


Black Egg said...

Well, Wednesday evening is a keeping it basic kinda night, right? I hear ya - food, heat, sleep - all good!


yep, have tend to those basic needs... muwahahaha...

angeldrool said...

sleep is precious.
a few pages to read.
awesome music to slip away too.
someone warm and soft close.
smiling sweetly.
very precious