Tuesday, March 20, 2007


looong day.
I'm somewhat dazed.
probably from introducing accelerants into my blood system.
And no!-lol-not crystal meth or any other illegal amphetamine or mimic thereof.
caffeine,no more no less.

so why the hell does the Chelsea Groton bank need 400 lbs of lollipops?
wtf!20 boxes of freaking lollipops equals 4 trips to their freaking basement at 5 boxes a time.
That a few other ridiculous deliveries led to my finally arriving home at well after 6 this evening.
which makes me angry.
it's cool though cuz Katie did our laundry today.
that was awesome.
She's sleeping now.
Now, I needn't venture out and do it tomorrow evening.
I don't mind chilling at Starbucks and reading while the laundry is being done at the laundromat
but I do mind doing that during a weekday evening.I'd much rather do that on a Saturday morning Sunday afternoon.Well,at least while the weather is still less than ideal for motorbike riding.

The details of domestic life are less than exciting-my apolgies.
Think I shall now wander off to make some semblance of a dinner,start a fire and chill.
sleep long,sleep well kittens

1 comment:

Black Egg said...

What is it about banks and lollipops? Were they Dum-Dums? Those are kinda good.

Man, I'd be psyched to come home to clean laundry, too! How awesome! I've been totally slacking on that front.

Hope your night is goin' good.