Friday, March 16, 2007


Snow/sleet makes me angry.
pretty much fucked up everything today and tonight.
I made it home in my freaking 'sucks in the snow' truck.
God,it was a looong drive.
Maddd stress.
But I'm here-the fires roaring.
I'm safe and warm.
And so is Katharine.She's staying overnight at Deanna's house.
I was supposed to deliver pkg's in Norwich tomorrow cuz Katie and I have to go to court Mon, but f that.I'll do it Sunday.
I still have to shovel a driveway so I can park in my carport and not above
but I doubt I'll be moving the truck tonight-lol.
Lol-am I ever gonna have a day where I have nothing that needs to be done.
I hope yr all home warm and safe too.
Don't even think about venturing forth in yr vehicle.Even if it's 4 wheel drive.
Just chill-whether alone or with whoever you may be with.
They need you there.
Not in out in the sleetstorm,spinning yr vehicle into a tree or worse.
Sleep long.
Sleep well.
All this bs will pass.
May even be pretty tomorrow if yr receptive to that:)

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Black Egg said...

I was completely snowed in yesterday, didn't have to work so I didn't bother w/ driving anywhere. Accomplished very little here at home... tried to make up for it today. I'm done with winter! I know we've had it easy this year, but I'm a wimp!