Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ensnared and Panting

I taste my heart's bright blood
on lips saltbitten from my tears

My eyes ache
Echoing the dull pain
of the void behind my ribs,
ribs finely fractured
from my heart's fierce desperation

A small wild animal
snared in a tight cage
with only cold starlight
to faintly illume the steel
and there's no way out


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Black Egg said...

Hey, buddy, don't worry - I'm checkin' in on your blog! I'm pretty sure there is a way to be alerted when you receive comments on here, but I haven't checked that out. This is the only place online that I write stuff, but I imagine it might be sorta hard to do upkeep on multiple blogs - just depends on what you do w/ them, I suppose. Maybe you should reserve this one strictly for your poetry? Or strictly for rants? Or whatever. It helps to give yourself some parameters. W/ my own blog I try to write personal stuff, but keep it effaced enough so that it'd prolly be hard to figure out who I really am. I'm just extremely private about some things, that's all, and that's just me. Don't stress over it, whatever you do! Nice poem, btw!

angeldrool said...

awww-thanx:)I'm just like kinda overloaded maybe with online stuff cuz I maintain contact thru AIM very night with someone who I actually kinda know but see rarely
and I drop lines to my peeps(haha) at myspace-again ppl I know but don't often see and it's like-arggh sometimes.but i soo have to like just write sometimes-i should simply keep a journal thingy.
I even like pulled over this morning in Willi and had to scrawl some lines down cuz I was afraid they'd elude me later but yeah-lol-i tend to ramble and/or go off on tangents.btw-i really really admire and respect yr's like waaay brave and honest.i soo respect that.

Black Egg said...

Aww shux, thanx for the compliment! Yeah, it's good that you pulled over to write whatever it was down, 'cause it's like w/ dreams - if you don't tell them or write them down right away they will elude you later... but anyway, yeah, do whatever works for you as far as blogs/journals go. You know best where to expend your energies... why don't you link this blog to your other stuff, unless that seems repetitive. Like I said, I'll stop by and read it - if you decide to keep it up, just tell some others about it, too, why not? Hope yr havin' a good night!


BE WARY OF HOW MANY THINGS YOU MIGHT WANT TO LINK TOGETHER... its nice to have secrets too! anonimity has its rewards... and the poetry was good, dark...

angeldrool said...

Thanx bro.I don't want to link everything together though-just wanna know when u or b.egg drop some lines.
Thanx for liking the verse.I actually wrote that over a yr ago.
I can be sooo emo when I want to-lol