Saturday, December 16, 2006

slay bells

Dec 16, 2006 10:07 AM
prelude to xmas wishes
Ever step on a small silver xmas tree ornament in yr bare feet?the pain is exquisite.almost transcendental in it's purity.the world fades to nothing but a thin 2 inch gilttering curved shard and the heel of yr barefoot.and you stare it and know you'll have to pull it out.And slowly.And in the exact way it slipped so effortlessly in.Mmmmm..pain. Oh,and I luvv how our kitty Simba casually approaches the xmas tree,sits down before it ,gazes up at it for a few minutes,then nonchalantly bats an ornament off the tree,watches it roll away-looks back into the tree,blinks...then bats another one off.I put him outside.have an awesome sweet weekend my warrior brothers and sisters
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Black Egg said...

Ouch. That's shit's sharp.

Oh, pets and Xmas trees... often a very interesting combination. Growing up we had a dog that would routinely tear down the whole tree, after barking at it and deliberately smashing lots and lots of ornaments. As an adult I've had cats that insisted on climbing the tree and knocking it down that way...over and over. Sigh. I don't bring trees home anymore. I bought one of those ceramic trees with the holes and the plastic lights at Good Will a few weeks ago. It's a gesture that my cats will not prey upon and destroy!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Peace!