Sunday, November 12, 2006


think i already signed up here but 'course neglected it cuz I have the myspace thing going and like it better.but anyways......mayhaps I'll swing by here can be like my testing ground/proving grounds.I can detonate prose bombs and assess the damage before committing elsewhere-or before-*gasp* actually taking pencil to paper.Well...i actually do write with a pen occasionally-that's how most of my poems begin .they never end they're always considered 1st,2nd,3rd drafts.I do have one I think is a world in and of itself.don't wanna share it here or there.I've only shared it with a few friends.I did read it on air at WHUS but that's not exactly full public disclosure considering that I tend to scare the lesser among us away,which is a good thing.anyways... :) maybe,I'll come here and ramble/extemporate/ know-no preconceived preset guidelines/whatever.kinda like what yr reading now-lol
Idk-i hear to be a writer you must write like near reams each and every day-even if it's like -eh-it keeps yr mind(maybe heart too)loose and warm/flexible and you'll always glean something from the rubble you've strewn.'k-I'm's kinda strange writing to "no one"

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people are watching... hahahahahaha (evil laugh)