Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ensnared and Panting

I taste my heart's bright blood
on lips saltbitten from my tears

My eyes ache
Echoing the dull pain
of the void behind my ribs,
ribs finely fractured
from my heart's fierce desperation

A small wild animal
snared in a tight cage
with only cold starlight
to faintly illume the steel
and there's no way out


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Sunday, November 12, 2006

warm and dreamy

so I'm back-sooner than i expected too...Dirty 3 is rolling on the boombox-oh,that reminds me.I have a slew of new cd's I grabbed from the station in my truck.gotta remember to get them.It's so warm and dreamy outside now.Well,not 'that' warm-lol.I'm not warm and dreamy, but close to it.It's like within reach,right at my fingertips even-just a few heartbeats away-a few breaths.But I expect I may fall short of actually reaching it.Well'that's cuz it's actually not to be 'reached' for.It simply happens.
I do have moments of bliss regardless of the petty onslaught of day to day life,and my heart remains open.but I'm just wary of almost everyone.Really.Wary of what they envision,wary of the social maneuvering it seems we have to do to connect with anyone offline.
Maneuvering that's culturally expected-like if you don't operate within those bounds/guidelines people tend to freak out or back off..
Lol-i expect this shall be an unusual blog-for me at least.
We shall see.And I always have the option of deleting posts-lol.But that's probably not playing fair.What is written is written.I simply haven't written for anonymous people lately.
It's kinda strange to me but that's ok.Strange is a good thing.
'k-enuff.I'm hungry and have to start a fire(in the woodstove).

has anyone seen Tinkerbell?

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think i already signed up here but 'course neglected it cuz I have the myspace thing going and like it better.but anyways......mayhaps I'll swing by here can be like my testing ground/proving grounds.I can detonate prose bombs and assess the damage before committing elsewhere-or before-*gasp* actually taking pencil to paper.Well...i actually do write with a pen occasionally-that's how most of my poems begin .they never end they're always considered 1st,2nd,3rd drafts.I do have one I think is a world in and of itself.don't wanna share it here or there.I've only shared it with a few friends.I did read it on air at WHUS but that's not exactly full public disclosure considering that I tend to scare the lesser among us away,which is a good thing.anyways... :) maybe,I'll come here and ramble/extemporate/ know-no preconceived preset guidelines/whatever.kinda like what yr reading now-lol
Idk-i hear to be a writer you must write like near reams each and every day-even if it's like -eh-it keeps yr mind(maybe heart too)loose and warm/flexible and you'll always glean something from the rubble you've strewn.'k-I'm's kinda strange writing to "no one"