Monday, November 19, 2012

closed doors

Dead Sun Rising 7:40- 10:00 July 2nd 2012

white walls/convergence  LANDING
the promise  THE CURE
alone  DINOSAURjr

sun doesn't love me  SPACE NEEDLE
aminomy f  SUKA
a natural disaster  ANATHEMA
lost  THE CURE
If that's how it's gotta be  J MASCIS and THE FOG
I can't find my way home  SWANS
new dawn fades  JOY DIVISION

love will save you  SWANS
another peace of mind  ARCHER PREWITT
deeper down  MY DYING BRIDE

running up that hill  SEXBOTS
lower your eyelids to die with the sun  M83
blue monday  NEW ORDER

a cheetah waiting  CHRIS WATSON
dragonaut  SLEEP
\a plea from a cat named virtue  WEAKERTHANS
ballad of daykitty  LOU BARLOW

just like heaven  DINOSAURjr
before three  THE CURE
the post  DINOSAURjr


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