Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DeadSunRising playlist 10/31/2011

Monday mornings from 5 until 7. KWCW 90.5fm http://kwcw.net/

title ARTIST Release format

water is not enough NEUROSIS
dissolution 2(miami coming down you fuck) EARTH
the blood VASILISK V/A Ne Shi dbl. cassette
found cassette JOE COLLEY V/A Niacin Sun
order of death(Blair Witch mix) P.I.L.
track 24 LEFTHANDEDDECISION Instinct and Emotion

africa CRAWLSPACE 7"
finlandia MONO
i.m.f. secrets BASTARD NOISE split 7" w/ PAIN JERK

3 years DEAD C.
side b excerpt GEROGERIGEGEGE Nippon Hardcore Trash 7"
sinking belle SUNN O)))/BORIS
village wood(excerpt) INCAPACITANTS
norma/suite for broken sex GORDON ASHWORTH s.t.l.a. cassette

rise P.I.L.
you broke my heart LAVENDAR DIAMOND
the lodge(dismnantled) AGALLOCH


DeadSunRising playlist 11/7/2011

Here is what I played Monday morning November 7th from 5 until 7 at KWCW 90.5fm

title ARTIST release

incineration prayer BASTARD NOISE -from split lp with ACTUARY

lions VERMONSTER -from Spirit of Yma lp

in the throes of seclusion RECLUSA -from split cassette with DEGENERATE SLUG

coming down LANDING

1 (excerpt) UR I've Got You Under My Skin CASSETTE

gum MIRROR/DASH(Kim Gordon/vocals) 7"

the first time ever I saw your face ROBERTA FLACK -from First Take lp(1969)

how does it feel AVRIL LAVIGNE

feedback SURGERY 7"


ha ha ha FLIPPER

ache for(excerpt) PREGNANT SPORE Ache For cassette

in my time of need OPETH

she who was so precious to you FERN KNIGHT

all in green went my love riding JOAN BAEZ -an e.e.cummings poem

sleepless 96 ANATHEMA

it's not funny anymore HUSKER DU

last train to pluto GORGONIZED DORKS -from split cd with ACTUARY

hey bore hey BOREDOMS

fuck off rrrecords,bye bye noise muisc VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA

I will die in willimantic BIMBO SHRINEHEADS

summer babe (winter version) PAVEMENT

Found cassetes/JOE COLLEY mixed in throughout the above