Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dead Sun Rising (Pacific Northwest V.2) Monday mornings 2am to 7am on KWCW 90.5fm

White trash love songs and arson sing-alongs, Annihilating complacency since 1992.
The wolves have been loosed.

Kicked off the first show just after 2am with DANIEL MENCHE's cd "Cerberic Doxology". As of now I have no idea where my scrawled playlist is so I'm going by memory here. "Two Planes" by BARDO POND was next and highlights of the remaining hours included-

Not exactly in the order played-

"Feedback" the a-side of SURGERY's 7" on Am.Rep.
"Aghartha" -SUNN O)))
"Big Church" -SUNN O)))
"Hive" -JOE COLLEY (mixed with the final minutes of "Hover")
"Streetsweeper" -UNSANE from their 7" on SUBPOP
"Favorite Uncle" -BARDO POND
" Lat Oss la Allt Fran Varandra" -SHINING
"Moonlight Sonata(No.14,C-Sharp minor)" -BEETHOVEN mixed with wolves howling
"Marijuana" -BRUJERIA
"The Lions" -VERMONSTER from their "Spirit of Yma" vinyl lp
"I Watched You Taking Off" -BRIGHT EYES
"Dead Sun Rising" -ZENI GEVA
"Buy Me A Drink" -CABLE
"Evageline" -ANGELS OF LIGHT
"I Will Die In Willimantic" -BIMBO SHRINEHEADS
"Black Crack Boogie" -VERMONSTER
"Thin Air" -ANATHEMA

There was more:)

Until this coming Monday morning